Cleaning industrial facilities is no walk in the park. Getting the job done thoroughly and efficiently requires good planning, specialised equipment and the sort of know-how that only comes with experience.

Whether your site is a warehouse, manufacturing facility, transport and logistics depot or mechanical workshop, our people have been there and done that. We understand that industrial sites often incorporate many different types of areas, the challenge of maintaining presentable office and reception spaces alongside the dirt and grime of production areas, the dangers associated with large-scale storage and the associated vehicles, and perhaps most importantly, that while cleaning may be necessary it’s very much a peripheral task which you want managed reliably so that you can focus on more important things.

Industrial Cleaning Sydney

Trust in our experience
Brightness cleaning has been operating for 17 years and regularly services hundreds of business sites including BP, BlueScope Steel and the Toll Group. We carefully select the people, equipment and cleaning products we use based on the specific needs of each site, and can incorporate everything from tasks such as sweeping, mopping and vacuuming through to:

– Warehouse scrubbing
– Pressure cleaning
– Cobweb removal and dusting of hard to reach areas
– Steam cleaning of tiled areas
– Window cleaning (all heights)
– Graffiti removal
– Exit cleans
– Bolt removal and concrete repair
– Supply of kitchen and toilet consumables

Make a positive change
Whether you are outsourcing your workplace’s cleaning for the first time, searching for a more reliable alternative to your current cleaning provider or shopping around to make sure you are getting value for money, you should speak with Brightness Cleaning.