Bedroom is the coziest and intimate place in every home. It is a place for conjugal/solitary privacy. Here we can have a nice slumber. To make bedroom nice and pleasant, uphold tries, curtains, color of walls, fitments and last but not the least the bed are made according to the owners choice. So that the tired person can relax with ease and get relieved from tensions and enjoy the bliss in sleeping. This requires a neat and clean environment. So regular cleaning and attending should be done with care .

Here are some few tips that will help you to clean your bedroom :
Bedroom is the place where we read our favorite books and magazines also. After reading it, we generally forget to segregate these for proper disposal. This results in piling up and leads to a mess. Select the book of your choice in a separate rack and keep other unwanted books and magazines for proper disposal
It is advisable to clean the walls in the bedroom at least once a week. Dirty walls along with accumulated cobwebs will make a very unpleasant scenario. Clean doorknobs, switch boards and furniture’s etc regularly for the shiny appearance.
Make your cabinets clutter free. Keep your necessary things in an organized manner. Put mothballs and air freshener to keep bugs free and unpleasant odour.
Clean the ceiling fans at least once a week with brushes and vacuum cleaners. Cobwebbed fam blades looks horrible
During the winter time, it is advisable to clean the mattresses and replace it with lighter ones during the spring time. It is also important to clean the underside of the bed which is the most neglected area because this is obscure from our eyes.
Unmade beds look bad and messy. It is a good practice to put back your quilts, bed sheets, bed covers etc in proper order and folds after waking up in the morning. Tuck in the bed sheets underneath the bed. This practice makes the room very tidy and decent.
If you have rugs and mattresses in your room clean them at least once a week. Use vacuum cleaners as this will absorb all the dirts. During summers keep your rugs and mattresses exposed in the sun, this is a natural and effective germicidal process.
Last but not the least, there are lot of domestic cleaning agencies and services. They have got their various terms and packages. Choose a package according to your budget for their service.

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