Office whether it is corporate,overnment or club is a place where people come for work,discusses things like business,management and rendezvous. It is a place of collective,heterogeneous gathering for constructive,administrative or thought provoking discussions. It is a mixing place of people of various temperament and attitudes,so a clean environment is necessary to make their stay comfortable. Toxic cleaners may expedite the cleaning process at the cost of health hazard. Hence it is always advisable to go for non toxic environmental friendly cleaning system.

Following are the few tips advised for office cleaning:
There are various brands of eco friendly green cleaning products in the market. Use it according to your choice after observing the effectiveness of the products.
Jute trash bags can be washed by natural cleaning soaps and can be replaced with he washed ones. This washing can be either manually done or through laundering.
Marking boards in meeting rooms are generally made of (fibers non absorbent) glossy finish. The surface of the boards can be swabbed with eco friendly soap solution time to time. The glossy finish doesn’t allow the dirt’s to get stubbornly adhered to.
After every office hours the floors should be swabbed or squeegeed with liquid eco friendly soaps available in market.
Once or twice a week office windows should be cleaned with eco friendly soaps. Hard stains can be removed by using vinegar solution.
Brass tags,name plates etc can be cleaned with lemon or tamarind based solution. Smear the lemon juice concentrate and allow it to dry before rubbing it to give a shinning luster.
Air conditioned offices are also not free from dirt. Door mats,carpets etc can be taken out for de-dusting and kept under the sun for natural germicidal process. This practice though sounds primitive,but it is an universal truth that the ultra violet ray of the sun has got the property to kill bacteria and germs. This process should be done during holidays.

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